Class Overview


From beginner to athlete, Peak Fitness has the classes to take your workout to the next level.

Land Exercise Classes

Please note: the land exercise class schedule may change without prior notice.

Pure Step Judy teaches this intermediate class which is step aerobics in its purest form. The choreographed moves will keep you in the zone!

Kick Box Blast Tired of your workout? Come and join us for a fun, high-energy cardio workout. Build lean muscle and gain cardiovascular strength while having a blast! This total-body workout will help you feel more empowered and confident. It also relieves stress as you punch and kick your way to better fitness.

Killer Kettlebells Build strength and tone muscles using only one piece of equipment.  Killer Kettlebells uses kettlebell weight training to strengthen upper and lower body as well as the core.  Moderate to high intensity circuits make kettlebell exercise fun and build cardio and muscle endurance.

Fun-O-Robics Get fun, functional training with Kim while you sit in a chair or stand. This class is specifically designed to give those with mobility limitations an aerobic workout as well as strengthening muscles and increasing range of motion. Stabilization and balance work are included in this program.

Pilates Judy leads this cutting-edge class that uses mats and props in a unique way to tone and strengthen your core while improving flexibility.

Restorative Yoga Join Lynda for a gentle and restorative yoga class which includes breathing and gentle stretching. This class is suitable for those who may have limited flexibility or are experiencing yoga for the first time and are interested in finding out more.

Power Yoga is a Power Vinyasa Yoga style, linking breath and movement.  It is a dynamic, flowing practice which cultivates strength, flexibility, balance, focus and endurance.  It tones and sculpts the entire body allowing for rapid results.  Classes are open to all levels of experience.  Students are encouraged to listen to the inner wisdom of their bodies, progressing at a pace that is appropriate and respectful.  Come and experience this powerful, transforming practice for yourself!

Yin Yoga In Yin Yoga, floor postures are held passively for 3-5 minutes in order to access a safe and positive ‘stress’ on the deep layers of connective tissue in the body.  Physically, Yin Yoga restores and maintains the natural mobility of the joints, primarily between the navel and the knees.  Energetically, Yin Yoga opens the body’s meridian system, which enhances the body’s energetic flow and supports emotional equilibrium.  Come experience this challenging yet quiet practice for yourself!

Group RX: RIP® Want to get ripped? Group RX: RIP is a pre-choreographed barbell program designed to improve endurance, strength, and definition. Motivating music and effective exercises provide the tools to get you “ripped”.

Totally TRX® Is a training tool which builds total-body stability and strength by leveraging the user’s body weight through hundreds of functional exercises. These exercises build power, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility and prevent injuries. This is a state-of-the-art piece of equipment used by and issued to professional athletes and those who work in the industry. This dynamic class pairs both TRX Suspension and TRX Rip Trainer into one intense workout. Come learn how to train with these two innovative pieces of cutting-edge equipment and challenge yourself! This is an advanced class.

Foundation Cardio Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength and range of movement. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, and a ball are offered for resistance. A chair is used for seated and/or standing support.

Cardio Blast Combine fun and fitness together to increase your cardiovascular and muscular endurance power through a standing circuit workout. Upper-body strength work using hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, and a ball is alternated with non-impact aerobic choreography. A chair is offered for support, head-to-toe stretching, and complete relaxation in a comfortable position.

Indoor Cycling Crank up the energy and burn some calories in this moderate-to-high intensity spin class. All levels are welcome. Riders are encouraged to adjust the difficulty to go at their own pace. If you are seeking a challenge, this is it! Build stamina, strength, endurance, speed, power, and overall conditioning through intense climbing and sprint work. Come experience the energy in this powerful workout as we tackle the terrain together.

Fun with Fitness Tired of repetition? Fun with Fitness is a constantly changing mix of aerobic cardio and light strength training suitable for all levels of fitness.

Extreme Fitness A high energy dynamic training program that will challenge all levels.  We use explosive weight training, lateral and linear movement, TRX suspension and plyometrics equipment to ignite and enhance the fitness engine.

Kerrville CrossFit From the beginning, the aim of CrossFit has been to forge a broad, general, and inclusive fitness. We sought to build a program that would best prepare trainees for any physical contingency — prepare them not only for the unknown, but for the unknowable. Looking at all sport and physical tasks collectively, we asked what physical skills and adaptations would most universally lend themselves to performance advantage. — Courtesy of CrossFit, Inc. We will truly make you

Improve your game. Improve your life.


Aquatic Exercise Classes

Water Works
If you have never tried water aerobics, this moderate-to-high-intensity aerobic class is the perfect place to start. Tone your body while getting your heart rate up with the use of noodles, kickboards, wooden sticks and buoyancy barbells. And, make some new friends during the process!

Water Jog & Circuit
This combination of cardio, water jogging and strength training takes you through a series of stations using effective circuit training principles and the latest aquatic equipment for a total-body, high-intensity workout.

Aqua Bootcamp
Ever had a workout where resistance totally surrounded your body? With the combination of resistance & exercise equipment, you will get an amazing workout that will challenge your preception about Aqua training.  With the focus on strength & endurance conditioning, everyone in this Aqua Bootcamp class will reap the benefits of their hardwork.